Beautiful trail run in Kirkkonummi, Finland


First Meiko Trail was organized in 2016, then under the name of Sporzz Trail Run Meiko. There were a bit over 80 participants, weather was nice and the September Sunday went very well. We wish you warmly welcome on trails around Meiko even this year!


The event will take place in Kirkkonummi, Southern Finland the 13th August at 12:00 hours. There will be two courses: long (15 kilometers) and short (8 kilometers).

All participants will receive a price aafter the finish line. In addition, the winners of each competitive class will be getting an extra price.


The long route is 15 kilometers. It goes around lake Meiko twice.

The short one makes only one tour around lake Meiko and is 8 kilometers.

The categories to choose from are: Men 15km, Women 15km and Motion 15km (= Kunto pitkä), Boys and girls 15 years = 8 km, Boys and girls 13 years = 8km, Motion 8km (= Kunto lyhyt).

Registration and entry fees

The registration can be done via Juoksija-calender or by e-mail: Please give your name, club and class. The entry fee is to be paid in forehand, you will receive a bill by e-mail once you have registered.

Entry fees:

Before 31.5: adults 25€, junior classes 15€

Before 30.6.: adults 30€, junior classes 20€

Before 31.7.: adults 35€, junior classes 25€

Before 10.8.: adults 40€, junior classes 30€.

Reduction of -3 euros with a valid Juoksija-card.

Event center

Event center is located at the parking lot of Meiko’s recreational park. Address is Korsolammentie 31, 02400 Kirkkonummi.

Meiko Trail event in 2016


Results from the event 2016.

Image gallery

Images taken along the route.